“When it is all said and done the name Abe Partridge will be among the giants of songwriting. He’s not some skinny jeans,  backwards ball cap wearing-tool that sings of bubblegum and toes in the sand. This cat is a war veteran and a former holy roller preacher that has probably seen too much. He is not afraid to write tales about the evils of bathsalts, the corruptness of organized religion, war or any other topic most people wouldn’t dare. A live performance shows a young man that is probably wrapped a little too tight – and you leave there hoping he is okay. One of a kind!”

Jim Pennington, owner – The Listening Room Mobile, AL


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Date City Venue
11/04/17 Mobile, AL The Listening Room
11/10/17 Nashville, TN Chateau Thomas Winery
11/30/17 Athens, GA Hendershot’s
Michelle Roche’s birthday bash with Sinners & Saints and Welfare Liners.
12/01/17 Savannah, GA The Jinx
12/03/17 Savannah, GA The Sentient Bean
01/20/18 Mobile, AL The Listening Room

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