FRED TACKETT and Paul Barrere are best known for their work as members of the legendary band LITTLE FEAT, a band heralded for their swampy, bluesy Americana rock.  However, Tackett and Barrere have been touring as an acoustic duo since 1999.

Paul Barrere and Fred Tacketts’ story began in 1972 during the recording of the classic Little Feat album, Dixie Chicken. Barerre was the guitarist for the band at that time. Lowell George, the leader of Little Feat, was a close friend of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Fred Tackett.  Lowell wanted to record Fred’s song “Fool Yourself,” so it was there at Clover Studios in Hollywood that they began playing music together.   Many years and many sessions later, Fred became a member of Little Feat when the band reformed in 1987.

Paul Barrere, having been a member of Little Feat since that iconic recording in 1972, thought that it was perfect to ask Fred to become the second guitarist of the famed ensemble; writing and playing together became second nature for them.

The duo has now recorded and released two live records: Live From The North Café on Relix and Live In The UK 2008 on Stonehenge Records, a tip of the hat to “Spinal Tap.”   

Together and as solo artists they have worked and recorded with hundreds of artists, including folks such as Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, Jack Bruce, Phil Lesh, and many more!

While Little Feat is on break, the duo just keeps rolling along touring almost year-round including many performances with their friends, New Orleans Suspects.

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